For 4-5 pizza boxes, dimension 60x60x21cm, Type T4XXL

for extra big Jumbo Pizzas

For 4-5 pizza boxes, dimension 60x60x21cm, Type T4XXL
55.00 sin IVA *Los precios no incluyen el IVA
Código artículobag_T4XXL
- Double-walled.
- Optimally insulated.
- Equipped with transparent label holder.
- Complies with all requirements of the HACCP.
- Taste and Odorless.
- Raw materials used are recyclable, environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health.
- Is made of waterproof nylon material.
- Easy to clean.

- Frames optional: Internal Frames are to reinforce the bags and to prevent collapse.
- Heating elements are installed in the bottom of the bag and is heated to an ideal temperature of 70-80 degrees.
- The heating is supplied via the 12 Volt cigarette lighter.
- An adapter from 230 Volt to 12 Volt is available to pre-heat the bags.

Internal Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 21 cm
External Dimensions: 63 x 63 x 24 cm
Capacity: 4 Pizza boxes of 60 cm