Burgerbag 32cm x 31cm x 23cm

for Chips, Burger, Bowls, Sandwiches etc

Burgerbag  32cm x 31cm x 23cm
Burgerbag  32cm x 31cm x 23cm
Burgerbag  32cm x 31cm x 23cm
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Do you have hot burgers on the menu that should also arrive warm to the customer? Then the enviado BURGERBAG will help you with that! Do you also deliver fries and salads? Not an issue, there is also room for these in the bag! What about bowls, soups, pasta, kebabs, doner kebabs, sandwiches or ... cupcakes? This bag delivers all warm or raw food meals that you get in it. The menu is the limit. The enviado BURGERBAG keeps the warmth of the food in the bag and transports the moisture to the outside. Do you use wired or inductive heating elements? The cable entry and the removable floor insulation can handle both.

Sounds trite, but it's true: a real all-rounder!

  •    Internal dimensions 32cm x 31cm x 23cm
  •    (Width x depth x height)
  •    External dimensions 34cm x 33cm x 26cm
  •    (Width x depth x height)
  •    Weight 1.5kg
  •    Insulating and breathable
  •    Can be divided into 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments!
  •    Suitable for burgers, fries, salads, bowls, soups, kebabs, roller blinds, sandwiches, ... you get the idea!